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Dutch Farm Experience connects you to the most innovative and sustainable farmers within the Netherlands – and provides worldwide support to dairy projects. The mission of Dutch Farm Experience is a better world in which milk and other livestock products are produced in a sustainable way: a way in which soil is enriched, animals live well, farmers get a decent income, and the milk produced is healthy and without chemicals.


Livestock Futures

International Conference 2012
Bonn, Germany

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Lessons learnt inDutch dairy farming

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Katrien van 't Hooft

Dutch veterinary doctor and livestock development expert: “With 30+ years’ experience in various parts of the world, I can effectively support you in the translation of the lessons learnt in Dutch dairy farming to local conditions elsewhere…”

  • 30+ years of livestock experience
  • Author of several books
  • Tailor-made programs
  • Sustainable focus
  • Large network
  • Clients from all over the world

Lessons learnt in Dutch dairy farming

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Hidden effects of dairy farming on public and environmental health

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Sustainable livestock management for poverty alleviation and food security

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