This has made me look at dairy with a different eye.

from Zimbabwe

The day was so amazing. How farmers teach us like scientists? They know everything in detail! It is so surprising. The presentation was also so informative and I personally learnt a lot from it. I prefer such exposures for next trainees from Africa and Asia, so that they can take something to home.

from Ethiopia

I enjoyed that we took the time to learn about farming and the history, and then got to go and see the actual farm working.

Newport University

It was a really nice experience. I was very surprised that you are basically telling us to consider the local knowledge and traditional practices when adapting dairy programs. Quite often what we hear is ‘the best practices are always in developed countries’. Would like to collaborate with you in the future.

from Sri Lanka

Nice experience. Interesting to learn new ways how Dutch farmers are thinking differently and making money in their own way. The excursion was quite informative – and what works especially for developing countries is to change our perception and critically think what works for us, instead of replication all the information

from Kenya

Excellent experience! This farm tour was generally much better than I expected. If I’m being honest, I did not have a major interest in farming, but I am so glad I came today, because it was very informative and engaging. Plus the food was delicious!

Newport University

I found the program today to be very informative and Fun. I learned a lot about farming, both in the Netherlands and throughout the world. This day was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed getting out of the city!

Newport University

The program broadened my perspectives and helped educate myself regarding organic farming as well as the world coming together for food.

Newport University

The two farms were very relevant. They present the actual coping mechanisms to deal with current problems, climate change, high cost of production, loss of biodiversity and consumer preferences. Consumers are willing to pay a premium price when their expectations are met. Recycling of nutrients is key for a balanced livestock system.

from Uganda

I enjoyed the day. Learnt a lot about the Dutch dairy system. Impressed by how much knowledge the farmer has. Motivated to go back home and review my lecture notes as a university teacher, and looking forward to creating positive change in my country through the knowledge acquired.

from Nigeria