The mission

By connecting you to the most innovative and sustainable farmers within the Netherlands you can see for yourself how farmers are dealing with their challenges, and which of the lessons learnt in the Netherlands are applicable to the situation in your own country.

In the worldwide support to dairy programs the experiences from Dutch dairy farming are combined with international experience on natural livestock farming on sustainable ways to produce quality milk, without chemical residues. This is based on the NLF 5-layered approach, including the use of herbs (ethno-veterinary practices) as well as sustainable breeding strategies.

The mission of Dutch Farm Experience is a better world in which milk and other livestock products are produced in a sustainable way: a way in which soil is enriched, animals live well, farmers get a decent income, and the milk produced is healthy – without chemicals

Why Dutch Farm Experience?

Many governments, universities and NGO’s have questions about the best way forward in agriculture and livestock development in order to satisfy the need for food for the growing urban populations, while also aiming for food-security and poverty alleviation in rural areas.

The Netherlands is well known for its productive and innovative dairy farming. But when organizations want to learn more about Dutch agriculture they are usually connected to mainstream Dutch organizations that promote large-scale and high-input systems. Meanwhile, within the Netherlands itself the negative side-effects of these systems on biodiversity, soil fertility and farm income have become painfully apparent; a story which is not included into the messages of mainstream agricultural promotion.

Dutch Farm Experience enables international organizations to connect to and become inspired by the most innovative and sustainable farmers within the Netherlands that have included important lessons from the past.

Many of these farmers have re-introduced a number of ‘old practices’ in their farming enterprise. Popular initiatives include on-farm cheese making, farm shops, care farms, re-integration of crops and livestock, dual-purpose breeds, improving soil quality, re-introducing herbs in grassland and use of herbal products to prevent and cure cattle diseases.

This history is largely un known beyond the Netherlands. And this is unfortunate, as this knowledge is of immense importance for countries where such ‘old elements’ are still in place – though usually referred to as old-fashioned and to be replaced by modern techniques.

In the process of searching for the best combination of ‘old’ and ‘new’ practices people from developing countries and the Netherlands have important experiences to share. Dutch Farm Experiences aims to strengthen international knowledge exchange in the field of sustainable livestock keeping. Effectively combining old and new practices is the key for a better world, with more food and a better environment for all.

Direct contact with these farmers in combination – together with good background information and effective training approach – enables visitors to shift their views of their own reality. In this way it is possible to make a ‘technology leap’ and develop locally appropriate sustainable dairy systems, while preventing the negative side-effects of modern dairy farming that are now known in The Netherlands.

Dutch Farm tour

Dutch Farm Experience believes in the power of shared learning between Dutch farmers and (livestock) development experts worldwide.

Dutch landscape looks very attractive. But there is more to it! Since the 1960’s over 90% of the farms had to end their activities. Come and find out what happened…

A growing number of Dutch farmers has integrated nature management into the farm activities – and get paid for it.

Direct contact with sustainable Dutch farmers helps visitors to shift their view of their own reality.

Dairy initiatives do not need to copy the Dutch dairy development model. Instead they can make a ‘technology leap’ and prevent the side effects of intensive dairy farming that have become apparent in The Netherlands.

That is why Dutch Farm Experience organizes visits and training events for people from all over the world – where you can directly learn from the most sustainable Dutch farmers, and come to understand what this implies for your own situation.