Natural Livestock Farming 5-layered strategy to reduce the use of antibiotics in dairy farming

Natural Livestock Farming (NLF) is the organization continuously engaged in knowledge exchange programs for reduced use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming. Dutch Farm Experience is one of the organizations spearheading the international NLF network, which strategically combines knowledge from the Netherlands, India, Ethiopia and Uganda. During the 2014-2015 exchange programs the NLF-5-layered [...]

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Dairy Wheel: Successful monitoring tool for dairy farming in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has countless number of rural families and women that keep one or two cows each. They keep them in small sheds alongside the house, providing them with bits of grass and other green fodder that is locally available. Twice daily a milker will come to the home to milk the cows and bring it to a [...]

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New article: “Hidden effects of dairy farming on public and environmental health”

This peer-reviewed article by Dr. Maria Groot and Dr. Katrien van't Hooft was published by  Frontiers in Public Health (February 2016, volume 4, article 12). The article discusses the differences and similarities in dairy farming in the Netherlands, India, Ethiopia, and Uganda and its effect on public and environmental health. Main conclusion of the article: "The [...]

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A week with two successful farm tours

“Great, very inspiring farms. This has been extremely informative. It is well organized. Thanks Dr. Katrien for the great power point presentation. I am extremely impressed, well done. “ (Dr. Diana Nambatya Ngubuga: dairy, vegetable and strawberry farmer) “This has been a great day visiting two farms and I feel this will go a long [...]

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Dutch Farm Experience presents antibiotic reduction strategy at World Bank

Dr. Katrien van’t Hooft, director of Dutch Farm Experience, presented the Natural Livestock Farming network strategy to reduce Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and use of antibiotics in dairy farming.  On invitation of Steven Jaffee, World Bank Lead Agriculture Economist and Global Lead of the Food Quality Global Solutions Group, Katrien van’t Hooft, visited the World Bank [...]

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Volunteer opportunities on Dutch organic farms

Dutch Farm Experience regularly receives requests from individuals who are seeking temporary (volunteer) work on a farm in the Netherlands. This can indeed be a very interesting experience! It would be wise for you to choose a farm where you can learn from the latest innovations, which effectively combines old and new practices. For example [...]

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Kabinet in actie tegen onjuist gebruik van antibiotica

Het kabinet wil het onjuiste gebruik van antibiotica terugdringen en zo het ontstaan van antibioticaresistentie tegengaan. Meer nadruk op infectiepreventie moet het aantal infecties in zorginstellingen verminderen. Er is een breed actieplan opgesteld met vertegenwoordigers van de zorgsector en andere betrokkenen. Het plan gaat uit van de one health-visie. Kern daarvan is dat menselijke gezondheidszorg en diergezondheidszorg [...]

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Review of Evidence on Antimicrobial Resistance and Animal Agriculture in Developing Countries

Interesting article on ILRI website: the rise of antimicrobial resistance (lethal) and animal agriculture (critical): Their links in developing countries Review of Evidence on Antimicrobial Resistance and Animal Agriculture in Developing Countries.pdf

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Herbs oust antibiotics

Because of restrictions on the use of antibiotics, livestock farmers are increasingly resorting to herbal remedies, bacterial drinks and other natural products to make and keep their animals healthy. Although there might not always be hard medical evidence, farmers sometimes get spectacular results from natural remedies. Please read this article in Wageningen World.

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Poor and rich people

The stories of Ugandan farmers have strengthened our resolve and enriched us. We want to commit more to biodiversity over here, on our own cold mudflats. We want to rally against the cry for ever-higher milk production. We want more, that’s true. We want more biodiversity, because that also makes us rich. Please find the [...]

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Worden oude, traditionele geneeswijzen weer modern?

Onze tweede dag in India was er een met veel indrukken. Na een heerlijk ontbijt met verse papaya en watermeloen kregen we een rondleiding op het TDU. Het Trans Disciplinair Institute. Het instituut heeft tot doel om de oude traditionele geneeswijzen en kennis een plek te geven in de huidige gezondheidszorg. Een van de grondleggers, [...]

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Dutch delegation visited Ethiopian State Minister for Livestock Development

As part of the E-Motive Exchange visit (Exchange project between Netherlands and Ethiopia/Uganda on cattle breeding for resilient dairy farming and improved milk quality) a Dutch delegation of dairy experts visited the State Minister of Livestock Development in Ethiopia. The State Minister proudly presented the Ethiopian Livestock Master Plan for the next 15 years. This [...]

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Dairy monitoring and training on basis of Wheel of Animal Production & Wellbeing

Smallholder dairy farming is increasingly seen as a viable option for both increasing food security and effectively alleviating rural poverty. As a result basic training and monitoring animal health in dairy farming is much requested throughout the world. Dutch Farm Experience is promoting a dairy training and monitoring with the Wheel of Animal Production and [...]

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Sustainability goals & Dutch dairy farmers

Dutch dairy farmers have a positive attitude towards the goals of the so called Sustainable Dairy Chain and their feasibility, and they take measures - or plan to do so - to achieve those goals. This is the outcome of a recently published study amongst 150 conventional dairy farmers and 23 organic dairy farmers by [...]

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Dutch-India dairy training event

On April 14 and 15 an international meeting will be held at I-AIM in Bangalore, as a joint initiative from 4 organizations: Dutch Farm Experience, I-AIM, TANUVAS and ANTHRA. During this 2-day exchange program we get to know the experience available from India as well as the Netherlands in the field of sustainable dairy production. (see Invitation) [...]

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Growing interest in dual purpose dairy breeds

Dairy farming in the Netherlands is standing at a crossroads. This is an especially  interesting situation for other countries to learn from and decide on their own dairy development strategy. Scale enlargement in dairy farming On the one hand there one can see rapid scale enlargement and automatization of dairy farms, in preparation of the [...]

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Exchange project on dairy farming taking off!

A group of three dairy farmers and 4 veterinarians is about to take off to Bangalore in India, for an exchange project on the use of medicinal plants in dairy farming. This one-year E-Motive project implies one visit from a Dutch group to India (April 2014) and a return visit from India to the Netherlands - [...]

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Organic farming provides major opportunities

Organic farming is a rapidly growing sector within the Netherlands –as consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives for the food produced in conventional large-scale farms, with high use of agro-chemicals. In fact, consumption of organic food is one of the few sectors within our stagnated economy that has been growing with double figures over the past years. [...]

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Egyptian visitors especially impressed with care farm

On November 25 a group of nine representatives of the Egyptian Farmer Field School Centre of Excellence in Fayoum visited two farms in Zoeterwoude close to The Hague. The main conclusion: “We are especially impressed with the care farm! Especially the way the people with special needs are directly involved in the farming activities as [...]

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Outline of future dairy farming – based on 11 lessons learnt in the Netherlands

Today's Dutch dairy farming is going through significant change. A change in which farmers either opt for (1) stopping their dairy farming enterprise, (2) scale enlargement - for the international market in view of the changes in EU subsidies by January 2015 -  or (3) moving torwards integrated dairy farming, in line with new requirements [...]

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Raw milk increasingly popular amongst Dutch consumers

An interesting debate is currently taking place in Dutch (and international) media about the health effects of traditional foods, and especially raw milk. Raw milk is believed to stimulate digestion as well as constitute a good remedy against food allergies and asthma. More and more consumers come to dairy farms to purchase raw milk – [...]

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Increased importance of niche markets in the Netherlands

In ten years time the market for farmers in Dutch supermarkets will look different from today. Bulk products - anonymous supply from industrial (animal) production - will not be the main product offered in the supermarkets any more. The relation between farmers and supermarkets will change dramatically. The market for specialty products is rapidly growing, [...]

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New hope for dairy farmers in India & the global threat of multi-resistant micro-organisms: medicinal plants for mastitis treatment

  Multi-resistance against antibiotics is a growing problem, and dairy farming is one of the contributors. A recent training on the use of medicinal plants for 24 veterinarians in dairy cooperatives in three Indian states revealed extensive and indiscriminate use of antibiotics in smallholder dairy, especially to control mastitis (udder infection). Medicinal plants provide new [...]

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Presentation of Lessons Learnt in Dutch Dairy Farming during Livestock Futures conference – now available on video!

On September 6 and 7 an international forum of farmers, policy makers, researchers and NGO representatives came together during a 2-day Conference on Livestock Futures in Bonn, to discuss the future of livestock keeping in its global and social context. It was important to see that representatives from both developing and European countries came to [...]

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New ways of marketing based on an old tradition: a growing number of Dutch farmers employ direct ways to reach their consumers

In one of the August issues of De Boerderij – a popular magazine for Dutch farmers – the cover theme is The new trend of direct marketing: innovative farmers are increasingly successful in finding their consumers. The magazine concludes that over 3300 farmers (out of a total of 73.000) are now selling their produce directly [...]

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Visit of development professionals in course Agriculture in Transition – 2 and 4 May 2012

On May 2 and 4 2012 two farm visits and a training was organized for an international group of development professionals in the course Agriculture in Transition at the Centre of Development Innovation (CDI) and Wageningen University. The first visit was to a care-farm in Barneveld, named Paradise Farm. After a brief background introduction about the history [...]

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