The Natural Livestock Farming (NLF) Foundation aims to reduce antibiotic use in dairy farming by embedding successfully tested natural solutions from farmers and researchers from Netherlands, India, Ethiopia and Uganda into policies and practices (see the NLF Solution Tree) Dutch Farm Experience is one of the co-founders and international coordinators of the international NLF network in India, Ethiopia, Uganda and the Netherlands.

Microbes resistant to antibiotics are a global challenge – and dairy modernization programs tend to worsen this problem. See the NLF Problem Tree. As NLF network we provide support to international dairy development programs including training on herbal medicine, exchange of best practices, pilots, awareness campaigns, and action research. See also NLF goals and activities 4 countries.


All activities are based on the NLF 5-layered strategy for reduced antibiotic use.  This includes programs on medicinal plants with Indian partner organization Centre for Ethno Veterinary Sciences and Practice.

Important publications on Natural Livestock Farming:

GREEN ANTIBIOTICS  / GROENE ANTIBIOTICA Short film (10 min, January 2015) on whole exchange program 2014 on ways to reduce antibiotic in dairy farming, in which Dutch and Indian expertise is combined

ETHNOVETERINARY MEDICINE IN DAIRY FARMING – as promoted by TDU and TANUVAS in India (2016). Short film (10 minutes)  on the methodologies and practices to strengthen use of medicinal pants in dairy farming

MILK DILEMMA IN UGANDA – Film (52 minutes) about the international NLF cooperation to address the challenge of resistant ticks against insecticides in Ugandan dairy farming