•  The day has been very fruitful and revealing for me. I’ve come to know about how far the Dutch people want to come back to nature, and doing agriculture agriculture in a  nature friendly way. The objectives and challenges to the modern farming; going ‘organic’ and the efforts to working with nature rather than against it is something striking. I wish this effort be known to the world and especially Africa, which is already into copying the mode that the Dutch people criticize and try to alter. (Daniel Gebremanuel from Ethiopia, PhD student, after visit of Summerschool of LandAcademy, 12 July 2013)

  •  I was fascinated by the commitment of the farmer. The farm is being managed by the farmer and his family. Top up to the family farm! (Mrs.Oluwatomi Omobola Olatoye, Food & Agriculture Newspaper, Nigeria – after training, including farm visits, from Centre of Development Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen University, 15 and 167 May 2013)

  • Two great visits. I was inspired by the Paradise Farm, integrating good farming into care for people in need and their families. In the Groote Voort farm I heard the owner talking about his great practices in plant-soil-animal-manure management. It was great. Hugo Rocha, Campinas State University, Brazil (after the training, including visits in Barneveld en Lunteren, for the Centre of Development Innovation (CDI) on May 2 and 4, 2012) – read full report.

  • “The trip was wonderful!!! Since your training I have been able to see innovative practices in Nicaragua’..!!!” Marvin Calero, Agua Limpia para La Libertad, Chontales, Nicaragua (after the training, including visits in Borculo and Zelhem, for Waterschap Rijn en IJssel, 16 and 17 April 2012)