Dutch Farm Experience believes in the power of joint learning by sharing sustainable experiences. Dutch Farm Experience facilitates direct linkages between development experts in developing countries and the Netherlands – and provides support to dairy farming projects worldwide.

(please note that Dutch Farm Experience is a NOT in itself a dairy farm)

1. Training programs and tailor-made farm tours

Our tailor-made training programs for groups of veterinarians, government- university- and other (livestock) development visiting the Netherlands are often located on Dutch farms. Trainings include background info on Dutch farming, visits to various farm types, and analysis of how to use the lessons learnt in the own country context.

Clients include:

2. Support and exchange programs 

Dutch Farm Experience is the leading company within the exchange programs of the Natural Livestock Farming (NLF) Network with emphasis on reduced use of antibiotics and other chemicals in dairy farming. We also provide support to international dairy training programs with participatory methodologies and Dutch Farm Experience information. Concepts used include: the NLF 5-layered strategy for reduced antibiotic use, endogenous livestock development, wheel of animal production and wellbeing, and 4 livestock production systems. Includes programs on medicinal plants with Indian partner organization Trans-Disciplinary University.

Clients include:

3. Studies to sustainable livestock farming

Studies on a variety of topics related to sustainable livestock production in a changing context. Special expertise in livestock & climate change, and reduction of antibiotic use.

Clients include:

4. Linkages and matchmaking

Linkages with livestock-related organizations and networks worldwide. Matching your organization or business with similar partners in the Netherlands. In addition Dutch Farm Experience offers evaluation of livestock and dairy farming projects.