Organization and partners

Organization and partners2018-10-27T18:25:21+00:00

Dutch Farm Experience is an independent consultancy firm, that cooperates closely with other initiatives with similar objectives:

Endogenous Livestock Development (ELD) network, with ELDev mailing list Endogenous livestock development focuses on livestock and people. The ELD Network aims to:

  • Create a global umbrella for learning, collaboration and networking
  • Deepen the understanding of people-centered livestock development
  • Support field-based ELD initiatives
  • Influence livestock-related education, research and policies.

League for Pastoral Peoples (LPP) and LIFE network The Local Livestock For Empowerment (the LIFE Network) is an action research and advocacy network of organizations and individuals who are concerned about the future of local livestock breeds, and about the people who rely on these animals for their livelihoods.

Netwerk Vitale Landbouw en Voeding  The Network Vital Agriculture and Nutrition (NVLV) is a Dutch association promoting living soils and innovative methods of sustainable, vital agriculture nationwide. Improved soil life is absolutely essential in order to grow resilient crops, which in turn are the basis of wholesome food production. The network knows professional members and friends.

Duurzaam Boer Blijven program – This is a Dutch program that promotes sustainable dairy farming through the ‘cycle approach’ as well as farmer learning through study groups combined with economic and ecological monitoring.

Veterinaires sans Frontieres (VSF) – Europe  VSF Europa is an international non-profit association. Its members are the individual national VSF associations of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. VSF Europa members implement altogether more than 100 projects in over 40 countries, promoting especiallysmall scale livestock farming and food sovereignty

Diergeneeskunde in ontwikkelingssamenwerking (DIO) The association Veterinarians in Development Cooperation is a student organization within the Veterinary Faculty in Utrecht, that promotes healthy animals for healthy people. DIO is part of VSF-Europa.

CowSignals – a Dutch training institute with special expertise in training related to cow health and stable building. Has published numerous books on these topics.